Domain Name and Web Hosting

How to Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting Plan

In order to have a website, you’ll need to register a domain name and host your files somewhere. Here’s how you can get your domain name and web hosting sorted within minutes:

  1. Register Your Domains Hassle-Free with Namecheap: Register your domain names from as low as $0.88
  2. There are many web hosting options out there, but I’ve been burnt too many times with unreliable services that keep increasing their prices, decreasing the quality of services, etc. So, now, I only recommend two hosting options, with the first one being my go-to hosting for WordPress.
    • Best option if you only need one WordPress installation (which is the case for most people). GetFlyWheel’s hosting comes with a FREE SSL certificate. Because they specialize in WordPress hosting, you’ll get reliable servers, very secure settings, lots of storage space, great bandwidth and you can enjoy the easy of testing your changes on a staging server (if you go with their personal plan). This company does NOT offer domain name registration or email services. Read a longer review here.
    • Media Temple: If you need to host more than one WordPress sites, we recommend that you go with this company. Media Temple offers several levels of hosting. Their one-of-a-kind clustered architecture gives you faster, more scalable, more reliable shared hosting. Shared hosting plans are a good way to start. If your website starts getting a LOT of traffic, you can upgrade to a virtual server at that point. Receive 2 Months FREE on WordPress Hosting when you sign up for an Annual Plan.

  3. You’ll need to provide your credit card information to the supplier of your choice. Make sure to triple-check your email address because that’s how you’ll receive your account login information. PRINT it and keep it in a secure location.

Help with Domain Name and Web Hosting?

Depending on your skills and the hosting provider you selected, you may need help setting up an email address, FTP account, etc. If so, we’d love you help you out. You can book our one-on-one website assistance services and we’ll have you sorted in no time.

Questions? Contact us or hire us if you need help.