FlyWheel Hosting – Highly Recommended

Over the past couple of years, after too many hacked websites to count, I started to move my own websites as well as clients’ websites over to FlyWheel. All in all, it’s a no-brainer.

Forget about inexpensive shared hosting where someone else on the same server gets infected, then ninja hackers traverse their way onto your client account on the same server… No fun. With FlyWheel’s Virtual Private Servers, it won’t happen.

FlyWheel only specializes in WordPress, and they do it well. They’ll even migrate your site from wherever you are to their hosting servers for free. Or if you’re in a hurry, you can pay to skip the line and get it transferred faster.

I’ve had to interact with their support teams on a few occasions, something to do with a glitch with my FTP software and more recently trying to switch hosting on an e-commerce site. I didn’t want to lose track of orders that could have come in while the DNS propagation took place, so one of FlyWheel’s support guys helped me tremendously with that.

Stellar service is all I can say. Thanks, Joey!

Now, the cherry on top is their “staging” feature (only available from personal plan+). It allows you to duplicate your site so you can play around with a copy of it to see if a new theme/plugin/etc. would work with your site. Once you’re happy with whatever changes you want to make, it’s super easy to push your changes over to the live server. Absolutely LOVE this feature.

And yeah… FREE SSL certificate! Gotta love this.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable, SECURE hosting platform with fantastic customer support and all of the features you could need, then I highly recommend FlyWheel.

P.S. Bandwidth, disk space, etc. is also wonderful.